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Fedya Nasosovich (pseudonym) Is a world renowned coach mostly noteable for his openness about steroid and hgh use in the world.
He has 20 years experience in coaching, in the fields of boxing, mma, bodybuilding as well as traditional martial arts.
From a young age Fedya Nasosovich was fascinated with unlocking the full potential of the human body and mind and desired success in all fields of life that interested him.
For this reason he met with the worlds most foremost and prominent martial arts instructors both traditional and classical as well as the best in the world in their respective fields of life coaching, making money as well as mystics and gurus. For many years he was unsatisfied with many of their methods and sought to find why it did not work for everybody.
This propelled him to find the secrets which he is sharing with you today on his website.

Free Video Courses

To celebrate the launch of the new website and thank my dedicated fans i have decided to unlock all the previously paid content for free. Enjoy!

Bodybuilding & Steroids

The truth of the matter is you have been lied to since you remember 99% of athletes that claim natural aren’t.

Win with women

Learn how to approach women and be more attractive to them!


simple concise explanation on how to manage your money, make more money, increase your wealth and achieve the lifestyle you want.


One of the best investments you can make is in yourself.

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